Magic After Dark with Lisa Foxx

Magic After Dark with Lisa Foxx
Sunday – Thursday
9pm – Midnight

Lisa has been in the radio business for more than 15 years. She took an extended break from the industry but knew that radio is her calling, so decided to get back in the game. She has a degree in communications and is a public speaker, a published author, and a freelance voice over artist. She loves dogs, food and karaoke, not necessarily in that order. She also enjoys sports and is a stickler for skin care and believes that looking good starts with good skin, not with make up.

“I’ve learned that eating healthy is a great way to shed pounds and to make you feel better. And, it’s doing wonders for my skin, too!”

Lisa has also recently begun eating organic and healthy foods as she struggles to stay healthy and fit. She is aware of the struggles African-American women have with their health and their weight, facing them herself, and she wants to be a catalyst for others who are struggling with their health and fitness in Kansas City.

On a quest to become a better person physically, emotionally and spiritually, Lisa is a firm believer that knowledge is power. That’s why she tries to learn as much as she can about reducing stress and living a healthy lifestyle.

Although not a native, she has called Kansas City home for most of her adult life and brings a fresh approach to Magic After Dark.