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Kim Foxx’s chief ethics officer and a special prosecutor submit resignations

Two top officials have resigned from the office of Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. The resignations come from special prosecutor Mark Rotert and chief ethics officer April Perry, and are not related to the Jussie Smollett case, according to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. In her resignation letter, Perry said she is leaving…MORE apologizes for ad criticized for romanticizing slavery

Genealogical website has apologized for a video advertisement depicting a white man in the 1800s telling a black woman they can “escape to the north.” The ad, which aired on television and was posted on YouTube, shows the characters dressed in clothing from the 1800s running through an alley when they stop to talk.…MORE

Bobcat attacks golfer on a Connecticut course

A golfer and a horse are recovering after being injured in separate bobcat attacks in Connecticut on Thursday morning. The attacks happened in Baltic, a small town close to the Rhode Island state line. The golfer was hurt at the Mohegan Sun Golf Course and the horse at a home nearby. The golfer, in his…MORE

Pink Moon set to illuminate the skies on Friday

Moon gazers be ready! April’s full moon, known as the Pink Moon, is set to premiere on Friday. The moon will appear larger than average because it will be three days past perigee, the point in its orbit when it is nearest to Earth, according to Although the name suggests the moon will appear…MORE

Car sharing service says 100 cars, including 50 Mercedes-Benz, disappeared in Chicago

Authorities say that more than 100 missing vehicles, including 50 Mercedes-Benz, may have been fraudulently rented through a mobile app in Chicago. Police were alerted by car-sharing service Car2Go “that some of their vehicles may have been rented by deceptive or fraudulent means” on Wednesday. Numerous vehicles have been recovered at the West Side of…MORE

WWII veteran celebrates his 98th birthday at the gym

World War II veteran Fred Lawrence has been hitting the gym three days a week for years, so his 98th birthday was no exception. Lawrence has been going to the 24 Hour Fitness club in Gladstone, Oregon, near Portland, for five or six years and is the oldest member at the gym. The club was…MORE