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Post-Mueller, Americans must render final verdict on Trump

Robert Mueller has left America with a question its political leaders would prefer to avoid. What will citizens do about a presidency that may not be criminal, but is incessantly contemptuous of ethical and legal constraints, and may be the knowing product of an attack on America democracy by a hostile foreign power? The special…MORE

Mueller had everything he needed to charge Trump with obstruction, but didn’t

If Robert Mueller wanted to charge President Donald Trump with obstruction, he found all he needed to do it. And he found it on multiple fronts. But he didn’t make a decision on whether to bring the case. Mueller’s report Thursday walked through excruciating detail of evidence in the obstruction of justice investigation and legal…MORE

Kellyanne Conway’s husband calls for Congress to remove ‘cancer’ of Trump

George Conway, husband of top White House aide Kellyanne Conway, called for Congress to remove President Donald Trump from office following the release of the redacted special counsel report. “White House counsel John Dean famously told (President Richard) Nixon that there was a cancer within the presidency and that it was growing,” Conway wrote in…MORE

Tallying all 36 pages of redactions in the Mueller report

The redacted report from special counsel Robert Mueller released on Thursday clocks in at more than 400 pages — and, by CNN’s best estimate, includes over 900 redactions totaling more than 1,600 lines. The color-coded redactions in the report apply to four types of information: grand jury material, classified intelligence information, material tied to ongoing…MORE

Mueller report highlights Rosenstein’s role as witness in the investigation he oversaw

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report raises fresh questions about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s dual roles as both witness in and supervisor of the special counsel investigation into possible obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump. The report, a redacted version of which the Justice Department released Thursday, disclosed a previously unknown episode in which…MORE

Ocasio-Cortez says she’ll sign on to impeachment proceedings after reading Mueller report

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Thursday that she would support impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump after reading special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. Ocasio-Cortez’s comments differ from Democratic leadership opting not to encourage impeachment. The report indicated that Mueller was unable to conclude that ‘no criminal conduct occurred’ on the issue of obstruction — and deemed…MORE

Why Democrats would be dumb to pursue impeachment now

Thursday’s release of the 400-plus-page Mueller report detailing a 22-month investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election creates a stark choice for congressional Democrats: Do they, or do they not, pursue impeachment proceedings built around the evidence unearthed in the report that suggests President Donald Trump repeatedly sought to meddle in the investigation? This…MORE

Mueller discovered new ways Russia attempted to interfere in the 2016 election

While Washington debates how damaging the Mueller report is for President Donald Trump, there is no doubt about its verdict that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election in a “sweeping and systematic fashion.” The 448-page report provides new details on what was a coordinated and extensive Russian government effort to undermine the US electoral…MORE